A Short Overview

We were first introduced to this breed in 1991 when we saw a Japanese imported male being exhibited at South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show although at the time this male was competing as a Japanese Akita against mainly American type Akitas as the breed was yet to be split.  A few years later Ricci was given the honour of handling a Japanese bred brindle bitch, although still at this time again we were competing against the American type Akita. This  experience was short lived, because although she was a good example of the breed she did not suit the UK judges expectations, purely because the American type dominated the breed at the time.

Having been the Chairman of the Akita Club of Wales since 1991, it was brought to Ricci's attention the possibility of splitting the two types and recognizing both breeds on separate merit and following several meetings and consultations with representatives from the UK's 3 breed clubs, The Kennel Club announced in 2004 that the breed would be split on 1st January 2006. True to form 1st January 2006,  the two breeds split to become the Akita (American type) and the Japanese Akita Inu (Japanese type). 

To sum it up for over 10 years Ricci has been indirectly involved in with the Japanese Akita Inu be it handling, studying and helping to split the breed. Ricci attended the very first breed specific hands on judging seminar run by the newly formed breed club and passed qualifying him to judge, subsequently in April 2013 both Ricci and Leigh attended the seminar and passed the hands on judges assessment.

Ricci has in the past been actively involved in advising Akita breeders and exhibitors in the US on how to split the breed, although we are yet to see this happen.

At the time of the split both of us owned Akitas and Ricci was still a familiar face in the ring. Although Leigh had owned Akitas since 1999 she didn't show until 2009. 

Ricci, formerly of Rossimon Kennels has had a successful show and breeding career which has given him the honour of handling and breeding UK and American Champions, Best of Breed at Crufts, not once but twice. Ricci also bred the Top Utility Group Sire and Top Sire (Akitas) two years in a row. 

Although relatively new to exhibiting this breed we have been fortunate enough to have been placed highly, and feel we are stepping in the right direction to help improve the breed here in the UK.

It wasn't until early 2012 we found a Japanese Akita Inu puppy bitch we wanted to bring to the UK. We saw pictures of a litter in Hungary bred by our good friend Erika Mason of the well respected Aiko Kensha Kennels. This litter caught our eye, one puppy in particular a sesame, who later became known as Amber (Aiko Kensha No Kohaku Go).  Ironically the sire of this litter was the well known Rooster, who previously resided in the UK with Keith Gullis and Erika. Rooster really put the breed on the map in both the UK and Northern Ireland, being the first and only Japanese Akita Inu to date to take a Group placing at a Championship show (as an adult), this was down to his excellent breed type and outstanding movement. We quickly caught the Inu bug and shortly after Amber's arrival two others followed, a 7 month old red male Kazu (Aiko Kensha No Kazuhiko Go) out of the stunning Taiyoo (Junior Champion Birin Go Musashi Aiwa) x Nina (Sanae Go Shun'You Kensha) and a 4 month old brindle bitch Priya from our friend Irina Siminenco, out of the gorgeous Kito (Grand Champion Aiko Kensha No Yukitora Go) x Hinu (Hinuwashi Halne Wzgorze). 

Its fair to say the breed has us well and truely hooked!

Ricci & Leigh